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Advance Praise

  • "Thank you so much for letting me read your book and hear your story. I thought that overall the book was honest, inspired and entertaining! I really appreciate how open you are with everything and I feel like I really got to know you throughout."
    Dani Thole, Sacramento, CA
  • "You captured everything beautifully perfect. The overseas experience, I connected with mine last year at Junior Worlds. The other crews, the robocop act, the emotion, the beauty of the landscape that you barely notice."
    Sofia Donnecke, Victoria, BC
  • "The main message in the book is something dear to my heart. It is about having a goal and having a go and achieving what you are capable of!"
    Ken Davey, Australia
  • "It is a particularly insightful look at what it’s like to be successful in one of the hardest training programs in the world."
    Mark Verkuyl
  • "A tell-it-like-it is, no bull***t illustration of how an Olympic medalist crafted himself from a regular guy into a world class athlete."
    Remington Winter
  • "I have now finished your finely written, provocative and fascinating book. Your epilogue was simply FUN stuff. Very well done!"
    Steve Wells, Tacoma, WA





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OLY COC London 2012

Rowing & Training

Here is where you can find my thoughts on rowing and training in general. The way we train the body is very similar to how we cultivate our minds for high performance.

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at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton October 18, 2012. HO

In The Community

A collection of images, updates, and ongoing community initiatives that my teammates and I are taking on as ambassadors of sport in Canada.

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 The 4 Year Olympian

I began rowing in 2009. I won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics with my teammates three and a half years later. Here’s what I learned…

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